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Learn more about my work as a science educator, researcher, author, and professional development provider

Quality science instruction should provide all students with authentic and educative experiences to learn by engaging in scientific practices within the classroom. Doing so will allow students to develop proficiency in science so that they can use their understanding of science to contribute to solving pressing issues in our society.


My research centers on understanding how students engage in scientific practices, what they learn, development of curriculum materials that emphasize scientific argumentation, and how teachers implement instruction that supports their students' development of science proficiency.


As a researcher and author, I have produced several manuscripts detailing the benefits of engaging students in authentic learning experiences grounded in scientific argumentation. I welcome the opportunity to share these experiences with your group to help transform science education in your context.

- Fostering Science Proficiency -
- Enhancing Pedagogical Expertise -
- Transforming Science Education -

I recently sat down with host Michael Feuer for an episode of the EdFix Podcast. Listen as we talk about STEM education and the importance of teaching students to argue from evidence.

About Me

After earning a bachelors degree in secondary science education, I became the director of a science outreach program at Florida State University. I devoted six years to visiting local K-12 schools and working with teachers to provide engaging science learning experiences for students from a variety of backgrounds. During this time, I also went back to school to earn a Ph.D. in science education in order to learn more about the teaching and learning process and to develop my skills as an education researcher. After graduate school I had the opportunity to join a research team to help develop and refine what would become a popular and bestselling instructional model - Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI). My work contributing to the development and research of the ADI instructional model has resulted in peer-reviewed journal publications as well as a bestselling book series published through the National Science Teachers Press. The Argument-Driven Inquiry book series has maintained a consistent presence in the NSTA Top 25 Bestsellers List since the release of each book. The popularity of the series has resulted in invitations to visit school districts throughout the U.S. to provide professional development and teacher support for the implementation of ADI in middle and high school science classrooms. Currently I am an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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