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My experiences as a science teacher, education researcher, and curriculum developer provides a strong background for me to help your group meet its science education goals. I welcome the opportunity to contribute to your school, district, or project through purposeful professional development or consulting.

Professional Development

High-quality education starts with lifelong learners. Refining our efforts based on current research and standards will support students in developing proficiency in a variety of contexts. Let's learn together about:

  • The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • Engaging students in scientific practices

  • Scientific argumentation

  • Inquiry-based instruction

  • Curriculum development

  • Other topics to meet your needs

Instructional Consultant

Does your project need expertise related to classroom instruction? My experience in instructional models, learning theory, and curriculum planning will help your project be successful. Contact me for

assistance with:

  • Instructional design

  • Lesson development and review

  • Curriculum review

  • Project planning

  • Presentations related to classroom instruction


External review and oversight are 

crucial for a successful proposal and project. As an experienced researcher, I will provide feedback and guidance to ensure that you meet the goals of your project. I'm ready to work

with you to:

  • Develop grant proposals

  • Refine your research design

  • Evaluate progress toward your project's goals

  • Ensure integrity within your project

  • Revise your project overtime

- Together, we can accomplish your goals -

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